Day 3 - Pictorial Journey!

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The best part about completing these daily journal entries without the benefit of actual conversation and on the strength of only random pictures and the odd short video is that we kind of have to surmize what is actually happening.

So, today this is my story....the Tajawuz Team completed the 20 km they intended to cover on day 1 but were less successful yesterday because some of the team had blishers on their feet. As a result, Day 4 will see the need to make up some distance. But I get ahead of myself. Day 3 did, fortunately, started off nicely with the hard pack and what apears to be some magnificant hospitality! 

Unfortunately, as you can see from the last pic, they are now "in the desert" and pulling the cart over sand. I learned from a video posted by Rashid of RevGX that he is team leader for Day 4 and will attempt to make up the distance they on Day 3.

Good luck team!!


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