Getting the MOST out of Tajawuz!!

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Tajawaz, Startup OmanGetting everyone pulling in the same direction can be hard work. But just because its hard, doesn't mean we shouldn't challenge ourselves.

In forming Tajawuz, we hope to identify the patterns and themes that challenge SMEs by engaging with YOU. Our vision for this group is to empower Omani SMEs to "tajawuz" your challenges by creating a solution-enfused environment.

Here's what we need from you. First tell us a bit about yourself:

Name: Company: Sector:   

Help us understand the challenge you're facing by defining the problem for us:

  1. Short description of the hurdle: 
  2. Authority/regulatory body posing/owning the ‘hurdle’:
  3. Example/experience:
  4. Proposed solution:
Upon receipt of the problem definition, the issue will be recorded in our database. Our goal is to identify repetitive problems that are in need of solutions.    Here's what you can expect from us. We will:
  1. Identify problems that are repetitive
  2. Research the problem further and engage with participants
  3. Create a problem flowchart | decision matrix
  4. identify potential solutions
  5. Present solutions to appropriate stakeholders
  6. Create a taskforce
  7. Implement solution | monitor progress


Tajawaz, Startup Oman


Great idea, excellent

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Great idea, excellent initiative. Chang does not happen overnight but it will happen eventually.


First tell us a bit about

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First tell us a bit about myself:

My name is Mohit Bhatia. I play different sports, read a lot, i love life and people. I want to surround myself with even more talented people

Name: Company:  Cheekoo. Sector:   IT

Help us understand the challenge you're facing by defining the problem for us:                                                                                                   The problem is getting pass out college students to work as apprentices in IT. They all want super salaries n perks. My company is not Diwan or Royal Court

  1. Short description of the hurdle:                                                 There is a lot of work in the IT sector. Needs lot of fresh talent, energy, ideas, exports
  2. Authority/regulatory body posing/owning the ‘hurdle’:              none
  3. Example/experience:                                                                      i have tried going to colleges, meeting pass out students outside...they all want super perks.
  4. Proposed solution:                                                                      join as apprentices, learn on job, earn as you deliver, grow, export services globally

Question: I want to take part in the 7 day desert expedition. How do i do that?  My background: I had taken part in a 7 day race, ten years ago: Yeti to Sur.... Sur to Bidaya....350 n run sport