I have a vision that...

Ayesha Al Shoily's picture
I have a vision that everyone is given enough knowledge and insparation to realise a dream and support to I CAN DO IT MYSELF. We are at a century of OMG time has passed so quickly! Its getting more and more difficult to give time to people and even more challenging to give money to develop, what matters most now is to survive in a job if you have one and to make sure you make enough money for the company you work for so they can survive, wouldnt it just be more easy to put twice that energy for your own business? So if we can get everyone to actually have the passion TO DO IT THEMSELVES and to keep that passion going which will eventually lead to sucess and yes hopefully make some money along the way, than why not? Everyone should be passionate enough to think for themeselves and not wait for someone to say they are awesome couse simply YES I DID IT MYSELF and I AM TOTALLY AWESOME:)