Meet Anwar Al-Asmi - Designer & Owner, RealityCG

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Meeting Anwar Al-Asmi is a bit like finding a cool oasis in the middle of an arid climate. Calm and centered, he immediately makes you feel welcomed. His smile is engaging and his words thoughtful. No wonder he has made a name for himself as the founder of RealityCG.

Before receiving formal training in Computer Arts, Anwar began his career in digital design at the tender age of fourteen by founding Reality Computer Graphics, and using his fledging skills to create 3-D visualisations of clients’ homes. His work was soon recognized by the Omani government, who commissioned Anwar to visualize several large-scale civil projects.

Anwar was then educated in the USA and worked both in the States and the UK before returning to Oman to re-establish his business. RealityCG now offers extensive services across film production, post-production, animation and design to both local and international clients including: National Geographic, TLC, The Wave Muscat, OmanOil and Ooreedoo.

His most notable achievements include:

  • Co-founded Reality CG in 1996, Oman
  • Received BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia, USA
  • Worked in both the US Film and Broadcast industries
  • Winner of 2-Gold Telly Awards, USA
  • Design Entrepreneur of the Year Award, British Council, Oman
  • Full time member of the Creative Economy YDEY Network, UK
  • USA Emmy Nominated for his work on National Geographic’s Super Snake

How do you feel about undertaking a 7-day desert expedition?

I am naturally both excited, and tentative about the expedition.  Part of me is excited to push through personal boundaries, as I know this is bound to be physically and mentally challenging.  And, like any kind of adventure into the unknown there is the natural fear of failure - but that hasn’t stopped me before! That said, having briefly met with the team, I think that there will be a lot of new friends made, laughter and perhaps tears shared, and without doubt, new stories to share with friends and family afterwards.

What do you hope to get out of the Tajawuz expedition?

I would personally like the head space away from the daily grind to reflect on where I am at this moment in time - I think the challenge will bring me closer to myself. I love a challenge and this provides me an opportunity to explore my boundaries.




My interaction with Anwar,

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My interaction with Anwar, was around 10 years ago, we both had been commissioned to do some work on the logo of The Wave.