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Sami Syabi is a fine artist and designer. Since his childhood in Muscat, he has studied the beauty and meaning of all kinds of art. Heartwarming and functional, he believes art has the power of giving people happiness and tranquility in all its forms.

As an artist, Sami paints in realist tradition, blending civilization and heritage with wonderful detail and accuracy. Sami’s work is characterized by his self-discipline, focus and attention to behavior, with great integrity to the subject matter and the creative process. His influences are drawn from art across many disciplines, with a strong affinity to surrealism. Each of Sami’s artistic works is an expression of meditation, visualization and earthly and otherworldly dreams.

Sami has participated in a range of art exhibitions and workshops in the Sultanate of Oman. In 2011, Sami was awarded first place, for his painting of His Majesty by the Public Authority for Crafts Industry. In 2014, he represented Oman at the UNESCO Art Camp in Andorra, which later exhibited his work in Paris in 2015.

In 2015, Sami launched his business Moment of Creativity to bring his creative visions into the gardens and homes of people across Oman. In his work, he brings landscape design together with murals and paintings to create authentic Omani spaces for the enjoyment of individuals and families. Sami continues to work on commissioned paintings for private clients in the GCC and Europe.

How do you feel about undertaking a 7-day desert expedition?

"This is new for me and nice to try. I will see something different. After that, when I go again, I will be able to show my friends and do something nice. For my business, I will meet new people and talk with them and we will be able to work together. I think it will help me to learn to fix problems and to see people and thinking in a new way.”

What do you hope to get out of the Tajawuz expedition?

“I want to study how people are thinking in business. I am new to business. Because I am an artist, we can share ideas. I want to walk in the desert to a place in Oman I did not see before. When I come back after, I hope I will have new ideas."

Sami Syabi, Artist & Designer Muscat, Oman | +968 9515 4157 | 


Sami Siyabi


Thank you, Sherry. I am very

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Thank you, Sherry. I am very happy to be on the team!